Nocturnal Agony

Talen Ruth Riley, Nicole

Talen Ruth Riley

Born Talen Ruth Chanelle Riley in 2001 she has been living up to her name!

She stepped into the world of entertainment at the age of 4 working print ads in stores, on billboards, on packages and in magazines for the Major Names like Polo Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdale's, Target, and Children's Place. Quickly moving her skills over to TV doing commercials and TV shows for PBS, she then stepped into the major feature world of film with her first principal role in Imagine That with Eddie Murphy.

On a quest for 25 films before she turns 16, Nocturnal Agony being her 4th feature film, following the upcoming release of Two Days in NY with a leading role alongside Chris Rock and FOUR (the Movie), she has been busy and enjoying every step of the way!

Talen enjoys acting, rock collecting, fashion design, horseback riding, archery and cheerleading. She belongs to First Baptist Church of Glenarden and is a student at Imagine Foundation Public Charter School where her grades keep her on the Honor Roll!